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Summer at Woodhorn – Pitmen Painters: Resurfacing

Discover and celebrate Northumberland’s much-loved Ashington Group artists with a summer of exhibitions and events at Woodhorn Museum! The Ashington Group dates back to the 1930s, when a group of coal miners began learning about art. Within weeks, the miners were producing their own artwork, and, in time, their paintings became known for their unique record of working-class life within a Northern mining community.

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Celebrating Women Past and Present with Roman Women, Women Today at Vindolanda and The Sill

Two of Bardon Mill’s most popular venues, The Sill and Vindolanda, have partnered with Hexham Book Festival to bring a series of women-focused events and activities to our wonderful County. The events and activities will celebrate women from the past: those who were alive during the Roman occupation of Britain and the present: those who live and work along Hadrian’s Wall today.

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