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Throughout her 70 year reign, the Queen has touched the lives of hundreds of thousands of members of the public. From official visits to Royal events streamed to millions, many of us have stories to tell of the impact Her Majesty has made in our lives. We want to highlight these stories in the year of the Platinum Jubilee and are planning to create a celebratory archive, but we need your help

Do you have a memory of the Queen you’d like to share?

Perhaps you attended a street party to mark a Royal occasion years ago! Or maybe you have some images, video and stories which recount one of the Queen’s many visits to Northumberland over the decades.   

We want to showcase resident’s personal memories of Her Majesty and the long history of royal visits to the county. Let us know how the event made you feel and your thoughts now looking back as we celebrate her 70 years of service.  


Northumberland Archives will then select a few of the best submissions to be displayed in a virtual gallery set to be created at County Hall, Morpeth. The gallery will be virtual, and residents will be able to view the collection online. These and other submissions will be added to the thousands of collections held by Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn and made available for future generations of researchers.

Please tell us your story using the form below and attach any related photos, video, or audio you have: 

Send us your Royal memory

Share a photo, video or audio of local street parties and other Royal celebrations in your area to be added into our Jubilee virtual memory box and held by Northumberland Archives at Woodhorn for future generations.


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A few ideas to give you inspiration

Example showing two sisters dancing during the golden jubilee, telling us how much they enjoyed it.
The Queen spotted on the Mall during the Trooping of the Colour by amateur photographer Jane.
Children enjoying a Northumberland Street Party to celebrate the Silver Jubilee.