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Street Party



Everything you need to know

People across the country and the Commonwealth are invited to celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty The King and Her Majesty The Queen Consort over a long bank holiday weekend of special events on From Saturday 6 to Monday 8 May 2023.

A fantastic way to get to know your neighbours and members of the community, celebratory events are a great way to mark this historic occasion. If you are thinking of organising a celebratory event in your street, you can find some useful information below. This relates to celebratory events organised by groups of residents for their neighbours to enjoy and not to other public events. 


King’s Coronation Tool Kit

Packed with fun activities, recipes, bunting templates and even a music playlist, this King’s Coronation toolkit is a must-have for any party.

Road closures


Remember, it is not only streets which can be used to host your party. Other spaces such as driveways, private parking areas, front gardens, or end of cul-de-sacs can be used and do not require you to fill out any forms. You should agree on a location with your neighbours and must not obstruct other pedestrians. 

Further information on organising a ‘street meet’ can be found here

Guidance on organising street parties on residential streets can be found here 

For the majority of parties taking place in residential streets, all we need to know is when and where it will take place so we can make suitable arrangements such as alerting the emergency services. Space for emergency vehicles to drive down the street must be in place at all times. 

Road Closure Form should be submitted a minimum of six weeks prior to your event: 

If you need any help completing your Road Closure Form, please email us at and a member of the team will contact you. 

A temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) may be required for some road closures, which is why we require at least 6 weeks’ notice of any proposed road closure. We also ask that you contact all residents who might be affected by the road closure so that they can plan accordingly. 
If your street party is likely to result in a road closure that requires some traffic control, we may be able to help with the cost of employing an approved traffic management company. It is our statutory duty to ensure the highway is a safe environment and that the people working here have the necessary training, which is why such a company may need to be employed. This help will be provided on a first-come, first-serve basis.  


If you are thinking of hosting a larger street party, planning is essential. Let us know by filling out a Northumberland Safety Advisory Group (NSAG) form 12 weeks before your event. You should include a general overview of your plans for the day. Include any proposed road closures, including how long you wish your road to be closed - see road closure information below.


If you are looking for more information about road closures, please visit our dedicated web page on the Northumberland County Council website.

Selling alcohol and playing music 


If attendance at your street party is less than 500 and you wish to sell alcohol, you are required to obtain a temporary event notice at least ten working days before the event. If there are more than 500 people attending and you wish to sell alcohol, an application for a full premise licence should be completed.  
If your event is being attended by fewer than 500 people, you do not need an entertainment licence for live/recorded music or dancing between 8am and 11pm. 




Street parties do not normally require you have public liability insurance. Once you have submitted your plans and we decide insurance might be required, we will let you know. Often this can cost as little as £50 which could be covered by holding a raffle, donations, or splitting the cost between residents.


You do not need to let us know if you are planning to provide food at your event. Registration is required for official food businesses which is free of charge. If you are arranging for a mobile food trader to attend (for example an ice cream van), then the business should already be registered and possess valid street trading documentation. 
If you and other residents are planning to prepare and serve food at your event, please refer to the Food Standards Agency’s ‘Better food, better business for caterers’ food hygiene guide. You can access the guide online here. 

If you are planning a community barbeque, please refer to Northumberland Fire and Rescue’s advice which you can view here.  

Television screens

The BBC is screening a number of events across the King’s Coronation weekend. Special dispensation has been agreed whereby those arranging events to mark the occasion in streets, town halls and community centres across the country will be able to screen live programmes without needing to purchase a TV licence. This is a one-off dispensation and applies to the King’s Coronation weekend only. The law normally permits that live television or BBC iPlayer can only be viewed on such premises with a valid TV licence. 

Children enjoying a Northumberland Street Party to celebrate the Silver Jubilee.
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